RELATE: Respectful relationships education program

A free three stage education program for high school students. Each stage offers a term of scaffolded lessons that builds upon the previous stage. Topics include: gender stereotypes and expectations, respectful relationship qualities, non-consensual image sharing, decision making frameworks, communication techniques, sexual consent and sexual assault, help seeking and critical analysis.

Usage Notes

The following offers suggested year levels for each stage. Stage 1: Year 7-8; Stage 2: Year 8-9; Stage 3: Year 9-10. Schools are best placed to decide the most suitable year level for their students. (NB: Stage 1 is currently being updated to remove the requirement of having to purchase an external DVD to teach the program. It will not be available on the GDHR website until this update has been completed but you can request a copy via email

RELATE Stage 2 - PDF document RELATE Stage 3 - PDF document