Choices and consequences

Time to complete Choices and consequences: 50 minutes

Year level: 9


Students watch Kaiyai Girl, an interactive DVD about an Aboriginal girl, Missy, who is faced with many choices and consequences regarding alcohol and other drugs, and sexual health. Students discuss the options and make informed choices to help Missy stay as safe and as healthy as possible.

Learning focus

Choices made about alcohol and other drugs may have negative consequences that can be avoided if young people have the right strategies to make informed, healthy life choices.

Key understandings

  • There are many reasons why people choose to take drugs, or not take drugs.

  • With the right strategies, young people can make healthier, informed choices.

  • Consuming alcohol and other drugs affects our ability to make informed choices, particularly about sexual activity.

  • Making informed choices about sexual activity can help us stay safe.


  • Kaiyai Girl interactive DVD
  • Kaiyai Girl Teacher's Resource Booklet [optional]
  • Teaching Resource: Placemat template [5 per group]

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Health and physical education(P)

Personal, social and community health

This strand will develop students' knowledge, understanding and skills to support a positive sense of self, to effectively respond to life events and transitions and to engage in their learning. Effective communication, decision-making and goal-setting skills are integral to this strand as they help to establish and maintain relationships in family, school, peer group and community settings, support healthy and safer behaviours, and enable advocacy. Students will source and examine a range of health information, products, services and policies, and evaluate their impact on individual and community health and safety.


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Before you get started

  • The Kaiyai Girl DVD is a teaching resource for use with students in early adolescence through to early adulthood. It tackles the issues of drug and alcohol use and its impact on decision-making and personal control. It aims to give participants' knowledge and understanding of these issues, and the self-management skills to cope when faced with choices about drug and alcohol use.

  • Copies of this resource should be available in WA Department of Education school libraries.  Alternatively email the Health Department of WA to order your copy:

  • Young people need time and the opportunity to explore their own beliefs and values about these issues in a safe, supportive learning environment. When using this resource it is essential that facilitators are aware of creating a safe environment and consider issues of disclosure, diversity, discrimination and confidentiality.

  • Alcohol and other drugs remain predominant in youth culture today. It is important for young people to learn to be responsible when experimenting with alcohol and other drugs, and avoiding sexual intercourse and other risk taking behaviours while under the influence. Refer to the Alcohol, other drugs and sex Guide for further details.

  • It is possible that a student has been involved in a traumatic experience relating to alcohol and other drugs and sex. It is important that teachers are familiar with the Guide: Dealing with disclosures and have a risk management strategy in place.

Learning activities

Whole Class

This activity introduces the Kaiyai Girl interactive DVD which addresses issues of drug and alcohol use and its impact on decision-making and personal control.

  1. Use the teaching strategy think-pair-share to identify reasons why young people choose to use or not use drugs. Be prepared for many positive reasons that people use drugs, including young people. Ask:

    • How can alcohol and other drugs affect our moods?

    • How can alcohol and other drugs affect our decision making?

    • How can alcohol and other drugs affect our perception of risk?

    • What are some unsafe things young people might do when they are in a relaxed mood, have poor decision making and have a reduced perception of risk?

    • What are some of the implications of having intoxicated sex?

    • Can these implications be long term as well as short term? 

  1. Introduce Kaiyai Girl by giving a brief outline of the issues which will be raised in the DVD.

    • Inform the students that at every decision point in the DVD they will be asked to discuss in small groups what they think is the best choice and to explain why.

  2. Discuss informed decision-making skills (e.g. weigh up pros and cons, take time, get advice, consider feelings of self and others) and take suggestions from students. Discuss instincts and feelings that may be experienced which raise awareness that a decision may have a negative or positive consequence. Consider physical feelings and how decisions can be made by following head, heart or gut instincts. Stress that considering all three instincts can result in making the safest decisions.

  3. Start the DVD. Be ready to stop, start and choose menu options throughout the 30-minute film.

Optional activities:

There are a number of practical activities in the Kaiyai Girl Teacher's Resource Booklet that directly relate to the Kaiyai Girl DVD. The activities focus on informed decisions, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, and cultural implications of decisions.

Independent or Small Group

This activity involves watching Kaiyai Girl. While watching the DVD, students are prompted to make choices for the main character regarding sex and drugs and discuss their personal perspectives on the issues raised.

  1. Provide each small group with five copies of the Placemat template (one for each decision point) or have students draw their own placemat depending on the number of students in the group.

  2. Use the placemat strategy for each decision point in the DVD:

    • Allow the students 2 minutes to independently identify and write their decision in their section of the placemat.

    • Have each group discuss their individual choices and decide on a group consensus, to be written in the middle section of the placemat.

    • Identify a choice to select on the DVD through a whole class consensus.


  1. Ask students to provide a summary of Missy’s journey from Kaiyai Girl and the choices and consequences she encountered and then provide an alternative safer choice she could have made at each stage.

  2. Students can role-play the alternative choices.

  3. Revisit informed decision-making skills and discuss possible challenges with implementing safer choices in a range of scenarios.