Home partnerships



It is important that children are given accurate, reliable and appropriate health information and skills in a supportive environment and the home is one of the best places for this education to occur.  Parents/caregivers/guardians and other significant adults in a childs' life are the essential partner with schools in sharing accurate information about sexual issues along with beliefs and values.

Parent/caregiver resources

GDHR recognises parents as the primary sexuality educators of their children. In response, the WA Department of Health has developed several resources to help support parents.

  • Talk Soon. Talk Often: A Guide for Parents Talking to their Kids About Sex: This magazine style resource was commissioned by the WA Department of Health following research with young people that found there is need for resources to support parents and families as sexuality educators of their children.

  • Parents' attitudes to sexual health education in WA schools: In 2008 consultations were held with the parents of primary and secondary aged school children in city and country WA. Parents were asked about the ways they currently approach educating their children about sex, reproduction, sexuality and relationships, and the kind of support needed to assist them to more effectively communicate with their children about these topics. Parents were also asked about school sexual health education programs, the role of schools and teachers in the provision of these programs, and parent engagement with the school regarding this particular type of health education program.