My milestones - birth to now

Time to complete My milestones - birth to now: 50 min

Year level: 1


Students identify individual key developmental milestones from birth to the present 

Learning focus

The significant milestones of a child's growth and development prior to attendance at school.

Key understandings

  • Everyone's lives have different stages of growth and development.

  • We all keep growing, learning and changing throughout our lives.

  • Some things about us change as we grow and some things stay the same.


  • Student Activity Sheet: When I was little [one per student]
  • Student Activity Sheet: My timeline [one per student]

General capabilities

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Health and physical education(P)

Personal, social and community health

This strand will develop students' knowledge, understanding and skills to support a positive sense of self, to effectively respond to life events and transitions and to engage in their learning. Effective communication, decision-making and goal-setting skills are integral to this strand as they help to establish and maintain relationships in family, school, peer group and community settings, support healthy and safer behaviours, and enable advocacy. Students will source and examine a range of health information, products, services and policies, and evaluate their impact on individual and community health and safety.

Relationships and sexuality

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Before you get started

  • Students should be given the Student Activity Sheet: When I was little to take home and complete with their parent/s and/or guardian/s prior to completing this learning activity. The activity sheet will enable them to discuss and identify key milestones in their life so they can complete their timeline in class.

  • Teachers may also consider emailing the activity sheet and task to parents; and/or requesting they provide electronic copies of student images.

Learning activities

Whole Class

In this activity, students develop an understanding that people change as they get older and that there are particular events that occur to help identify these changes.

  1. Identify important changes and events that students have experienced during their life prior to the commencement of school, e.g. first steps, first tooth, first word, and list them on the board.

  2. Model the drawing of a timeline of developmental milestones.

  3. Discuss what causes these developmental changes and whether the change is permanent.

Independent or Small Group

In this activity, students apply their general understanding of change from the whole class activity by associating key events to their personal life.

  1. Give each student a copy of the Student Activity Sheet: My timeline.

  2. Students create a timeline of developmental milestones using their completed take-home Student Activity Sheet: When I was little, and their own knowledge and records from their life.

    • Pictures, words and photos can be used to complete the timeline.


Students compare their timelines with a partner, looking for similarities and differences.

  • Discuss how children develop at different rates and do not necessarily follow a particular developmental order, e.g. some children will walk before they talk and vice versa.

  • Discuss what the classroom would be like if they were all still babies.

  • Ask students to share one good thing and one not so good thing that is different about them now compared to when they were a baby. 

Optional activity:

Students record themselves (with help from a partner) presenting their 'milestones' timeline information using electronic or handheld devices, then present their recording to the class.