Using songs and stories

This strategy will help students to:

  • learn new concepts

  • reflect on changes in their understanding, skills and attitudes.


Songs and stories can be used to facilitate learning of a particular topic. For example, in early childhood education, songs can be used to learn the parts of the body:

  1. As a whole class make a large circle on the mat. In the middle of the mat roll a large die with different body parts written on each side.

  2. The students have to move that part of their body.

  3. Roll the die again and the students have to move that body part too, e.g., if ‘arms' is rolled first the students will just move their arms and if ‘legs' is rolled second, the students move both their legs and arms.

  4. Use a red sign to stop movement.

  5. In their circle, students can then dance to songs about body parts (e.g. Hokey Pokey; Head and Shoulders), naming all the body parts as they move them.

  6. Discuss the functions of each of the body parts identified.