Before and after

This strategy will help students to:

  • consider and reflect on their own and others' current knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes
  • identify changes in their own knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes.



Devise a set of statements or questions that identifies students' understanding, beliefs and attitudes towards sexual health issues and place them on a table such as the example below. The focus may be on one issue (e.g. contraception) or a range of issues (see the example provided below).

  1. Ask students to respond to each statement/question before commencing a unit or focus area. Collect the sheets.
  1. Once students have participated in one or several of the learning experiences in the unit or focus area have them complete the ‘after' column.
  1.  In pairs or small groups, ask students to reflect on any changes in their understanding or attitudes towards the issue. 


Before (agree or disagree) Statement After (agree or disagree)
  Drinking alcohol or taking drugs increases your risk of engaging in risky sexual behaviour.  
  Using two condoms at once doubles your level of STI protection.  
  Abstinence is the only method of contraception that is 100% effective.  
  The media influences the way I feel about having sex.