Toss a die

This strategy will help students to:

  • formulate and share individual ideas and opinions through focused, short-term, purposeful talk with peers

  • develop the ability to filter information and ask questions 

  • consider other points of view when making decisions.


  1. Prepare a set of six questions and print a copy for each student. The questions should require students to give a personal view or preference, or recall a personal experience related to the topic. 

  2. Give students a copy of the questions prior to the ‘toss a die' activity. This will allow students to discuss the questions with family or friends and think about their responses.

  3. Sit students in groups of four. Give each group a die.

  4. Explain that one person in the group is to roll the die and answer the question on the sheet that corresponds with the number thrown. The other group members listen to the student's response.

  5. The person to the left of the speaker, after listening carefully, asks the die roller one question about what they have heard. After the question has been answered other students in the group can ask the die roller a question based on what has been said.

  6. The die is then passed onto the person sitting to the right of the die roller. The process is then repeated until all members of the group have the opportunity to respond to at least two questions.


  • If students roll a number that has already been rolled by another member of the group they can choose to roll again or answer the same question. 

  • Consider using two dice and twelve questions.

  • Write a set of six questions. Number each question by a playing card such as an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and a nine. Give each group a set of these playing cards instead of a die. The cards should be shuffled and placed in a pile. Group members take turns selecting the top card then respond to the question that matches.