Chook house speeches

This strategy will help students to:

  • plan a presentation to demonstrate understandings and attitudes to a sexual health issue

  • communicate with others through an oral presentation.


  1. Pose a statement for students to consider (e.g. ‘Needle syringe exchange programs reduce the risk of Hepatitis C and HIV transmissions among injecting drug users').

  2. Give students five minutes to write their key notes before moving to the ‘chook house' (a designated area of the classroom or outside the room as the noise level resembles a chook house) to practise their speech.

  3. Give students a further five minutes to write any final notes and points to include in their speech.

  4. Place the name of each student in a container. 

  5. Draw the names of two students who are to present their speech.

  6. Invite other students to add further points to those already raised by the two speakers.

  7. Ask the group to vote for or against the statement after listening to the points highlighted in the speeches.