Reflective questions

This strategy will help students to:

  • reflect individually on their learning experiences and how these can be applied to their lives

  • generalise skills and knowledge to other situations

  • monitor and evaluate a decision making process.


  1. Following a learning experience or at the conclusion of a program, students need to be given the opportunity to reflect on the learning process, their understandings, attitudes and values.

  2. The following questions may be used to guide the reflective process and are a suggestion only. Students can respond verbally or in written form.

  • Description: What did I do? 

  • Objective: What did I learn?

  • Feelings: How did I feel?

  • Values: Why did I feel like that?

  • Application: How will I use the skill or information?

  1. The questions could be permanently displayed for regular reference.


Journal reflection

Have students keep a journal to document their responses to these questions and other personal reflections.