3-2-1 reflect

This strategy will help students to:

  • internalise and make sense of new information 

  • generalise skills and knowledge to other situations or their own lives.


  1. After watching a video trigger, viewing a website, reading a fact sheet or completing a series of classroom activities, students complete the following individually:

  • Three recalls: students state three facts they can recall from these sources

  • Two so what's: students write two things about why the material is relevant (i.e. how it relates to them/school/community)

  • One question: students write one question. For example: ‘Why is it that…?', In the future, what will…?', How does this affect…?' 

  1. Students join with a partner and present their 3-2-1 reflect responses. Encourage students to discuss and answer the question posed by their partner. 

  2. Ask for interesting ‘recalls', ‘so what's' and ‘questions' to be shared as a class to ascertain whether main concepts have been understood by students.

Example: Healthy pregnancies

Students research how to have a healthy pregnancy. They gather information relating to diet, exercise, lifestyle and relationships and make a pregnancy guide for women.

List things that could happen if the healthy pregnancy guide is not followed.

Students can reflect on their learning and research by stating:

  • Three things they can remember

  • Two things that explains why the information is relevant to them 

  • One question they have about it