‘Reflecting' strategies provide the opportunity for students to reflect individually on their learning in relation to understandings, skills, attitudes and values. A variety of strategies can be used to facilitate students' reflection such as journals, both individual and group; reports; discussions and portfolios.

Strategies included in other sections can also be adapted for students to use when reflecting on their learning. For example, think-pair-share, brainstorm or a KWL.

The strategies included in this section are:

  • Reflective questions

  • Thought shapes

  • 3-2-1 reflect

  • Unfinished sentences

  • KWL (is outlined within Tuning In strategies)

  • Before and after (is outlined within Tuning In strategies)

  • Journal writing

  • Think-pair-share (is outlined within Sharing strategies)

  • Question and answer

  • Sharing circle