Making decisions

Being able to make informed decisions, by considering the positive and negative consequences of actions and selecting the most appropriate option, is an important skill for maintaining personal health and safety.

‘Making decisions' strategies provide the opportunity for students to develop, practise and demonstrate the Health and Physical Education outcomes. They can examine ‘brave talk' and how it impacts on decision making; examine alternatives; record and analyse information; use different decision-making models; select a course of action and reflect on the consequences of their actions.

The strategies included in this section are:

  • Decision-making model

  • Fortune teller

  • Helpful and positive thinking

  • Hypothetical

  • PNI (positive, negative and interesting)

  • Problem predicting

  • Role-play

  • Snap decisions

  • Sorting

  • One step removed

  • Interview

  • Send a problem

  • Brave talk

  • Placemat (is outlined within Finding Out strategies)

  • Planning