Head talk

This strategy will help students to:

  • develop cooperation through problem solving a shared task

  • accept responsibility for own learning.


  1. Place students in groups of six and give each member a number from 1 to 6.

  2. Pose a question that encourages students' involvement. For example: What would you do if you found a syringe in the playground at school? 

  3. Explain that at the end of the discussion one student from each group will be required to provide a summary of the discussion or an answer to the question. 

  4. Students put their heads together and talk about the question. 

  5. Give a signal such as ringing a bell to let students know the discussion time is nearly finished.

  6. Groups should check that all members know the decided response.

  7. Roll a die to determine the students who will provide the response. For example, if the die rolls to number five, all students with that number have to respond for their group.

  8. Students from the group can give more information if required.