Guest speaker

Invite a relevant guest speaker to present on specific topics in order to add value to your comprehensive sexuality education program.

See Guidelines for engaging with guest speakers.

Guest speaker programs for WA schools: Relationships and sexuality education

WA AIDS Council

Talking HIV is a series of age-appropriate, sex positive presentations, specially designed to educate young people beyond the fundamentals of sex, and provide them with the skills they need to enjoy and safe and healthy adulthood.

Sexual Health Quarters

Sexual Health Quarters is committed to engaging with young people and can facilitate interactive sexual health and relationships education sessions on a range of topics (single sessions or whole programs).  

South Metropolitan Public Health Unit

The South Metropolitan Public Health Unit provides free education sessions in high-risk schools within the South Metropolitan area. The contact is


HepatitisWA provides education workshops and events for all members of the community including youth through schools and youth at risk.


Dr YES (Youth Education Sessions) is a program run by the Australian Medical Association WA where medical students visit metropolitan and rural high schools to have open and frank discussions about the big issues facing youth health – particularly alcohol and drugs, and sexual health. 

Freedom Centre

Freedom Centre offers workshops for groups and students which cover issues faced by, and how to support, young people with diverse sexuality, sex and/or gender. 

People 1st Programme (PIP)

PIP supports people with an intellectual disability in human relationships, protective education and sexuality. School education programs are available to metropolitan and country primary and secondary schools in WA.