My attitude my actions

This strategy will help students to:

  • understand the factors that influence attitudes

  • identify influences that affect health and safety behaviour in a range of situations.


The correlation between an individual's attitudes towards health and safety behaviour is not a straightforward one. Although individuals may have a firm belief or attitude towards a particular health and safety issue, their behaviour may not always reflect this as a range of situational influences can affect behaviour.

For example, if the issue is having unprotected sex, the student may possess the belief that having unprotected sex is dangerous and their attitude is that people who have unprotected sex are irresponsible. These views may be influenced by their family, previous experiences or knowledge of STIs. However when they are faced with a heat of the moment situation, the student's intention to use protection may not be evident in their behaviour.

The implications for young people are that despite their attitudes and intentions, the way they choose to behave in the real-world can be influenced by the specific situation with which they are faced. The consequences and potential risks in a range of scenarios can be explored using this model.

  1. Explain the model shown on the worksheet 'My attitude my actions'.

  2. Students identify their attitudes and intention to behave in relation to a given health or safety issue (e.g. arranging a date with someone you meet online or while binge drinking at a party) and record these on the worksheet.

  3. Pose a scenario that challenges the students' attitudes and intended behaviours to allow them to analyse their actions in relation to the situation. 

  4. Students reflect on strategies to manage the factors that may influence their behaviour.