Choose an emotion

This strategy will help students to:

  • reflect individually

  • develop an understanding that people respond differently to different situations.


Students use emotion cards to respond to a number of statements.

Example: How would you feel?

Give each student a set of emotion cards, or get them to create their own. Emotions can include; happy, sad, angry, tired, embarrassed, bored, nervous and surprised.

Pose a number of ‘how would you feel?' questions about relationships and healthy bodies. Ask students to assign each situation with an emotion.

Situations can include the following.

How would you feel if:

  • You fell over and hurt yourself?

  • Your friend fell over and hurt himself/herself?

  • Your friends told you they didn't want to play with you?

Emotions can be tallied up to determine how most people feel.

Emotion cards can be purchased from Innovative resources (external site)