Deck of cards


  1. A standard deck of playing cards can be used to create groups of various sizes in a variety of ways. For example:

  • 4 groups of 13 or less - hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds (remove cards from deck as necessary)

  • Groups of 4 - all kings, all queens, all fours, etc

  • Groups of 2 - red K's, black K's, red 2's, etc

  • Groups of 2 - number bonds to 10.

  1. Take out the cards required to make the groups you need (e.g. 4 x kings, 4 x queens, 4 x jacks, 4 x aces, 4 x tens - to make groups of 4).

  2. Shuffle the cards and hand one card to each student.

  3. Students to find their matching group without talking.