Professor Jessica Ringrose submission of evidence for Youth Select Committee 2017: Inquiry into body image

Research and reports
Key findings around sexualisation, gender, sexuality and body image drawn from international research and over a decade of international research. UK, 2017 Answers the questions: 1. Are groups of young people particularly prone to poor body image? (racism, white privilege, heterosexual matrix, girls, boys, trans youth) 2. Has the growing use of social media and communications platforms encouraged poor body image? 3. What is the link between sexting and body dissatisfaction? 4. Can the internet and social media be used as a tool to promote positive self-image? What examples are there of this happening? 5. What examples are there of schools integrating the promotion of positive body image into school subjects across the curriculum particularly physical education? How successful have these been? 6. Recommendations for Department for Education to support schools.