null Undergraduate and postgraduate units in Relationships and Sexuality Education

Undergraduate and postgraduate units in Relationships and Sexuality Education



Delivered by Curtin University.  

Note: Undergraduate or postgraduate students from any WA university are welcome to enrol in this unit via a cross‐institutional enrolment.


Undergraduate Unit Code: EDUC4012 (Semester 1 & 2) (link opens in new window)

Postgraduate Unit Code: EDUC5004 (Semester 1)* (link opens in new window)

*The postgraduate unit has some online content, however students will be required to attend campus for a one-week block.


Curtin University, Bentley 


Sexuality and relationships education (SRE) can be a confronting and challenging subject area for teachers. It is a critical subject, as students are exposed to messages about sexuality on a daily basis and long before they enter secondary school! It is important that all students receive correct information, including the positive aspects, in a developmentally‐appropriate way. Furthermore, students with gender or sexual diversity should feel supported by their school.

This unit aims to increase your confidence and capacity as an SRE educator. You will learn lots of practical teaching strategies that you could utilise in a variety of subject areas.

Topics include:

  • creating a safe environment
  • links to the curriculum
  • teaching controversial issues
  • addressing diversity
  • planning and implementing SRE
  • working with parents
  • enhancing relationships in the classroom, and
  • sexual health agencies that support teachers.


Curtin undergraduate and postgraduate SRE unit flyer

Contact Details

Contact: Dr Jacqui Hendriks

Phone: 9266 9592 (Mon & Tues)