Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film

Using this resource

The resource Kaiyai Girl was originally developed as an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ health education resource. The suggested activities within the resource were designed to assist young people to develop skills in problem-predicting, decision-making and help-seeking around situations involving alcohol and other drugs, respectful relationships and sexual activity.

The Kaiyai Girl film/DVD is an educational resource to use with young people in early adolescence through to early adulthood (12 to 19 years). As this resource is also suitable for use with other interested community groups, the term facilitator is generally used in preference to teacher or educator and the term participant is used instead of student.

There is lots of information in this resource site relating to the Kaiyai Girl resource you should read through but if you want a shortcut to:

  • view the scenes from the original film - check out the The film section

  • look at the session plans - check out the Session plans section.