Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film

About Kaiyai Girl: the film

The original Kaiyai Girl was recorded and produced as an interactive DVD by Hitnet (external link) in 2008. An accompanying Resource Guide was written by Western Australia Health Education Services in 2011 but is no longer being printed in hardcopy.

All content from the original resource guide is now available in this site, with some minor updates. The accompanying film scenes are also available to view individually online (hosted on YouTube). 

How to locate the Kaiyai Girl film

Access the film online @YouTube as they relate to each session plan

All film scenes are now able to be viewed via YouTube. There is no public YouTube site listing these film scenes; rather to ensure the scenes are viewed in context, a full list of the scenes available is located in the Film scenes section of this site and directly listed as 'Related film sessions' within each of the session plans (see example image below).


Note: each session plan has been updated for this site to include a brief narrative about the choice scenes so that this important element is not lost.