Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film


Data from the Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health (external link) show that the majority of Year 10 to 12 students (16 –17 years) are sexually active. Rates of sexually transmissible infections (external link) (STIs) amongst young people are high, particularly among Aboriginal youth in Western Australia (WA). 

The WA Department of Health considers school-based sexual health education to be an important public health program. The resource Kaiyai Girl has been developed as an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ health education resource. The suggested activities within the resource are designed to assist young people develop skills in problem-predicting, decision-making and help-seeking around situations involving alcohol and other drugs, respectful relationships and sexual activity.

Curriculum links

While the film can be used in an out-of-school setting, the accompanying resources are specifically linked to the Western Australian Health and Physical Education Syllabus (Years 7 to 10) and the General Health Studies course for Years 11 and 12. Refer to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (external link).

Kaiyai Girl tackles the issues of alcohol and other drug use and aims to give participants knowledge and understanding of these issues and the self-management skills to cope when faced with choices about alcohol and other drug use. It can be used alone or in groups where discussions can be held about the choices made and the consequences of those choices.

The Resource Guide uses a combination of knowledge, attitudes and values, and skills activities that can be implemented in a cross-curricular manner for schools. Teachers of Year 10 students may integrate this material into Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences and English. Teachers are encouraged to use this resource to enhance, complement and add value to courses of study in secondary subjects at a Foundation Level and Level 1.