Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film


The original Kaiyai Girl DVD resource was produced by HITnet 2008.

Kaiyai Girl - An interactive film [Resource Guide]

An accompanying Resource Guide was written by Sue Dimitrijevich, Michelle Lambert and Sophia Gillies of Western Australia (WA) Health Education Services 2011.

Ideas for this resource were adapted from:

  • Challenges and Choices: An early adolescence resource for resilience, drug and road safety education, School Drug Education and Road Aware, WA, 2007.

  • Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships, WA Department of Health, 2002 and 2010.

  • Talking HIV, WA AIDS Council, 2002.

  • Talking Sexual Health, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University, Victoria, 2001.

  • Being Positive: Living with HIV, WA AIDS Council, 2008.

Grateful appreciation to those organisations and individuals who provided valuable feedback and guidance in the preparation of this resource, especially:

  • Kris Stafford

  • Bridgid Lafferty

  • Sarah Goyder

  • Trish Lee

  • Shirley Reynolds

  • Kate McConkey

  • Ann Rintoul

  • Karen Brisbane

  • Amanda Sibosado

Acknowledgements: Kaiyai Girl film

A film funded by the Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus Program, Department of Health, WA

Executive Producer: Helen Travers – National Hitnet Development Program

Written by: Veronica McKeon, Patrick Augustine, Toto Djiagween, Nathalie Ishiguchi and Lucinda Gamble

Production Music:

  • Original lyrics and music written by Patrick Shovellor

  • Performed by The Seaside Drifters

  • Patrick Shovellor – Singer and lead guitarist

  • Frederick Shovellor – Singer

  • Damien Sprat – Bass Guitarist

Interactive DVD Production:

  • Modern Dreamtime Dancers, Frontier Documentaries and Goolarri Media

  • For more information email: info@hitnet.com.au