Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film

null Session 4: Considering consequences
Session overview: This session will help participants to consider the consequences of alcohol and other drug use on all aspects of life.

  • Related film sessions
    • Sessions 2 to 6 of the film can be used in sequence or as decided by the facilitator.

      The following scenes relate to the activities for this session and all revolve around the party hosted by Robbie and his mates. There are various scenes with different characters describing their own experiences with drinking and taking drugs and two scenes that relate to Missy's choice whether to 'go hard' or not: [Choice 3  – Missy’s choice to go hard on the grog or not].

      • Scene 6 – Party gets started

      • Scene 6B – Guys bragging, attempted drink spiking

      • Scene 6D – Missy and her pals at the bar

      In the interactive DVD the choice scene has one of the boys asking Missy: "Hey Missy, do you want a nice strong mix?"

      • Scene 7A – Missy goes hard on the grog [Missy says: "Yeah, I'm gonna go get pieces"]

      • Scene 7B – Missy eases off the grog [Missy says: "Nah, I wanna settle down a bit now"]

      More information about the Kaiyai Girl film and links to other scenes is available from The Film pages (this site).

  • Strategy
    • NOTE: There may be issues that some young people in the group are living with. It is essential that a safe, nonjudgemental space is created. Revise information provided on the Before you get started section about creating a safe, supportive and positive learning environment.

      To prepare for this session the facilitator should download all related resource sheets (refer to section at bottom of page) and have participants watch any of the related film scenes needed to provide the background story.

      1. Brainstorm all the consequences known about drinking too much/getting drunk (use terms participants know and understand). Record each suggestion on a post-it/sticky note and display on white board or butcher's paper.

      2. Ask participants to think of other consequences they saw in the film/DVD scenes (replay the relevant scenes). Record on post-it/sticky notes as for Step 1.

      3. Show participants the poster [Resource sheet 4.1: Considering consequences poster] and discuss how alcohol (and other drug use) can affect many areas of their lives.

      a. Money and work (livelihood) – drug use can cause problems with concentration at work or studying at school. Drug use affects the decisions people make, their attitude to work and study, and their behaviour. In more extreme cases, drug use can cause people to lose their job or leave school early.

      b. Family and friends – drug use can affect our relationships with others, causing social and emotional problems. In more extreme cases, drug use can cause the break-up of families and relationships.

      c. My health – drug use can affect the user’s health; for example, breathing difficulties and reduced sporting performance from smoking, drink driving crashes and alcohol related injuries such as falls and fights. In extreme cases, drug use can lead to overdose and death.

      d. Police and the law – drug use can lead to arrest for underage drinking, drink driving or possession of illegal drugs and/or sell and supply of illegal drugs.

      1. Draw a 2 x 2 table on whiteboard with titles as per poster. Read out each post-it/sticky note and ask participants to say which square it belongs in. (Sometimes a consequence may fit into more than one square. Rewrite that consequence onto another sticky note and add to table.)

      2. Use the discussion questions listed below as a guide for a group discussion. 

      3. Give each participant a copy of Resource Sheet 4.2: Considering consequences. Participants write or draw some of the consequences already discussed onto their worksheet.

      4. Revise and reinforce the take home message and encourage participants to take their worksheet home to discuss with their caregiver.

  • Discussion questions
      • What parts of a person’s life can be affected by alcohol and other drug use?

      • How does alcohol and other drug use affect other people, i.e. the friends and family of the person using drugs?

      • What are some of the things you need to think about before deciding to use any drug?

  • Take home messages
      • Drinking too much can make some decisions unsafe.

      • Drinking too much affects my whole life.

  • Background information
    • For more information about go the Useful Links section (this site). This page contains a list of organisations and resources that you may find useful to complement the information contained in the Kaiyai Girl sessions.

  • Related Resources (download)