Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film

null Session 3: Taking risks

Session overview: This session will help participants to:

  • identify possible risks with personal safety associated with regrettable behaviours

  • identify legal and illegal actions and behaviours.

  • Related film sessions
    • Sessions 2 to 6 of the film can be used in sequence or as decided by the facilitator. The following scenes relate to the activities for this session. They follow the meeting between Missy and Robbie and their mates and their respective visits to Aunty and Uncle (Scenes 3 and 4) prior to the party.

      After visiting Aunty, Coco takes Missy and JJ to the Condom tree.

      • Scene 5 Condom tree (includes visit with Aunty)

      They are thinking about whether they'll be prepared and take some condoms to the party. Missy is seen thinking about whether or not she'll take a condom; she has to make a choice: [Choice 2 Missy's choice to take a condom from the condom tree or not].

      In the interactive DVD the choice scene has her friend JJ asking: "So Missy are you going to be prepared?"

      If her choice is No: "Nah, I don't want to look like I'm asking for it!"

      If her choice is Yes: "Yeah, you're right. It's a smart way to be prepared for anything

      The following six scenes should be selected to watch depending on the choices Missy made at both the condom tree and then later at the party. All scenes are based around Missy and her friends Coco and JJ discussing what happened during and after the party; either the next day or three weeks later.

      • Scene 9A – Next day – Missy didn’t have sex

      • Scene 9B – Next day – Missy had sex with a condom

      • Scene 9C – Next day – Sex with no condom but worried

      • Scene 9D – Next day – Sex with no condom and no care

      • Scene 11A – Missy is pregnant [scene is set 3 weeks later]

      • Scene 11B – Missy is not pregnant but has an STI [scene is set 3 weeks later]

      More information about the Kaiyai Girl film and links to other scenes is available from The Film pages (this site).

  • Strategy
    • To prepare for this session the facilitator should download all related resource sheets (refer to section at bottom of page) and have participants watch any of the related film scenes needed to provide the background story.

      1. Discuss the possible risks and dangers of ‘hooking up’ with someone at a party or having sex while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (intoxicated). Review any of the party related scenes from the Kaiyai Girl film for more ideas.

      2. Provide each participant with a copy of Resource Sheet 3.1: What are your rights? and have a copy of Resource Sheet 3.4: Facts for facilitators available to refer to (this sheet provides background information needed by the facilitator to lead the discussions in this session).

      3. Explain to the group that you will read through each of the statements on the What are your rights sheet as a group first to indicate their answer/vote with a 'thumbs up' symbol for true 'I agree' and a 'thumbs down' symbol for false 'I disagree'. Discuss reasons for choices as a group and correct any myths and misconceptions.

      4. Participants mark the correct answer on their What are your rights? resource sheet following the discussion.

      5. Repeat the process for each statement.

      6. Ensure that any misinformation and myths are covered in the activity and discussion. Include the following information:

      • It is illegal to have sex with someone under the age of 16.

      • It is illegal to have sex with someone who is unable to give consent.

      • Everyone has the right to say no to sexual activity.

      • Every person has the right to change their mind about having sex and this right must be respected.

      • Many young people have sex for the first time when they are intoxicated and often regret their decision.

      • It is more difficult to practise safer sex when intoxicated (out of it).

      Revise and reinforce the take home message and encourage participants to take their worksheet home to discuss with their caregiver.

      Variations to consider:

      1. Use the Thumbs Up Voting strategy providing participants with the opportunity to show the facilitator what their opinion is without feeling anxious or shamed in everyone else in the group knowing e.g. they place their heads down on the table and as the facilitator reads the statement the participants give a thumbs up or down signal to vote whether they agree or disagree OR 

      2. Print poster size (A3) versions of the Thumbs Up/Down posters [Resource Sheet 3.2: Thumbs up poster and Resource Sheet 3.3: Thumbs down poster] and have the whole group/class move toward the poster they agree most with. 

  • Discussion questions
      • Why do you think many young people might be drunk when they have sex for the first time?

      • Why is there a legal age of consent?

      • What are some other risks and consequences about having sex with a person you do not know well?

      • Why is it important to make a decision about having sex when you are NOT intoxicated?

  • Take home message
    • It is very risky to have sex when out of it. Wise people are prepared and in control of their bodies.

      • Don’t be shame be game.

  • Links to background information
    • For more information about go the Useful Links section (this site). This page contains a list of organisations and resources that you may find useful to complement the information contained in the Kaiyai Girl sessions.

  • Related Resources (download)