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The agencies, programs and resources listed in this section have been included based on quality of educational content, relevance to subject matter, recency and accuracy of information provided at the time of publication.

The intended use of these resources is to support the knowlege, understanding and confidence of the teacher in delivering relationships and sexuality education programs. Direct use of these resources in the classroom is at the discretion of teachers and school principals.


Websites - Students

All good?

Information on STIs and BBVs, places to get testing and treatment - written and audio translations in over 20 languages.

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HIV - Red Aware

A website for Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS. Includes a weekly wrap of the week’s sexual health news from Australia and the world.

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RELATIONSHIPS - Love: the good, the bad and the ugly

Dating and being in love can be exciting – but at times it can be totally confusing. This site helps you work out where your relationship is at – whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.

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Articles, quizzes, FAQs on: dating, relationships, sex, emotions, gender, masculinity, etc.

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SEXUAL ASSAULT - Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)

Videos, factsheets and a quiz for young people about sexual assault and sexual abuse.

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This website for young people includes information on contraception, HIV/AIDS, puberty, and being gay or lesbian. It includes a range of downloadable booklets for young people.

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SEXUAL HEALTH - Get the Facts

A website from the WA Department of Health providing young people with advice and accurate information on relationships and safer sex.

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A website produced by NSW Health about STIs and safe sex.

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An initiative of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, this website provides accurate, credible and up-to-date information and education on sexual health.

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STIs - Could I have it?

A health campaign site from the WA Department of Health to create awareness and provide information about chlamydia, gonorrhoea and other STIs. Provides a link to a free online risk self-assessment.

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A website created by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. The goal of Stay Teen is to encourage youth to enjoy their teen years and avoid the responsibilities that come with too-early pregnancy and parenting.

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