null 2019 Growing and developing healthy relationships: supporting schools to deliver effective relationships and sexuality education

2019 Growing and developing healthy relationships: supporting schools to deliver effective relationships and sexuality education



The Curtin RSE Project


1 July 2019


Curtin University, Bently WA


A symposium dedicated to relationships and sexuality education (RSE) was recently organised and facilitated by the Curtin University RSE Project Team. Titled ‘Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships 2019: Supporting schools to deliver effective relationships and sexuality education’, the specialised event engaged 127 teaches, community school nurses, pre-service teaches, school psychologists, law enforcement officers, principals, and organisations working in this area.

Participants were welcomed by enthusiastic agencies at the Stakeholder Showcase, which featured helpful resources from numerous agencies such as the WA Department of Health, Safe 4 Kids, Inclusive Education WA, Sexual Health Quarters, Sexuality Education Consultancy Agency (SECCA), Act Belong Commit, Red Giger Services, Frame Initiatives, Armed for Life, YACWA & the YEP Project and Western Australian Health Promoting Schools Association (WAHPSA).

The morning session captivated those working in both primary and secondary schools, featuring Friendship expert, Dana Kerford, followed by Pornography, young people and sexuality expert, Maree Crabbe. Sharelle Tulloh from the WA Department of Health updated attendees on the continuous evolvement of the GDHR website and its resources.

‘Stories from the Field’ is always well received by attendees, as delegates hear from their peers about real life approaches and successes to the vast array of challenges that educators face.

Delegates were given the opportunity to select two afternoon workshops to attend and many found it difficult to select from the impressive and diverse line-up. The workshops focused on equipping delegates with up to date information matched with practical ideas and activities to deliver their newly learnt knowledge. This far exceeded merely biological concepts, but rather emphasised the social, emotional and protective behaviour concepts that are important in the delivery of RSE in schools.

We wish to thank all the delegates who made a special effort to leave their classrooms and workplaces for the day to network with us; and to all the speakers for their highly engaging presentations. We look forward to continuing to offer professional learning opportunities to further support you all, as you play a valuable role in helping our youth to grow and develop healthy relationships.