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WA Child Safety Services Professional Development Workshops - on request



WA Child Safety Services (WACSS)


WACSS offers customised workshops with qualified and experienced trainers to meet the learning and development needs of your organisation's staff. WACSS promotes the safety and wellbeing of children through providing tools, strategies and resources to reinforce the key themes and concepts around child protection and abuse prevention. The following professional development workshops are provided;

Protective Behaviours (1 Day Workshop)

The Protective Behaviours program promotes the safety and well-being of all children by providing tools, strategies and resources to help them respond to situations where they may feel unsafe. The Protective Behaviours message is delivered in a clear, simple and non-confronting way, using fun and engaging activities. The program has been developed in accordance with children’s ages and developmental stages for application at home, in educational settings and throughout the wider community. The Protective Behaviours program teaches and promotes concepts of emotional literacy, empowerment, assertiveness, problem-solving and an understanding of safety. In teaching these concepts and strategies Protective Behaviours aims to prevent abuse, increase safety and reduce violence.

Implementing Protective Behaviours in Organisations (2 Day Workshop)

This workshop covers all content within the One Day Protective Behaviours workshop and is designed for schools and other organisations planning to implement the Protective Behaviours program across their whole organisation or within a program/team. The two day workshop offers more in-depth discussion, brainstorming, practice and questions in each of the topic areas. Across the two days participants are provided with opportunities to identify and respond to issues they may face when implementing the program, identify resources they will need and time to develop an action plan.

Child Protection: Child Abuse and Neglect (2.5 Hour Workshop)

This workshop is designed for professionals working in schools, early learning centres and children’s services to gain an introduction to abuse-related trauma and how to identify and respond to child abuse/neglect.

Teen Talk Series for Professionals Working With Secondary Students (1 Day Workshop)

The Teen Talk Series has been developed to educate and empower young people as they navigate through adolescence. This series is designed to assist young people to identify unsafe situations, to know how to respond and to access help. The Teen Talk series focusses on three areas: Sexual Abuse, Healthy Relationships and Online Safety to provide educators with the knowledge and skills to appropriately respond to current issues facing students.

Teen Talk Series for Professionals Working With Secondary Students (3 Hour Workshop)

This 3 hour workshop allows you to choose one of the three areas within the Teen Talk Series to focus on; Sexual Abuse, Healthy Relationships or Online Safety.

Contact Details

For more information on professional development workshops please visit the WACSS website. WACSS can be contacted by completing a contact form or on 1300 310 083.