Traffic Lights®: An overview

Traffic Lights®: An overview



Curtin University's SRE Teacher Professional Development Project


Wednesday 21 June 2017


4:00 pm – 5:30 pm




Knowing how to identify and respond to sexual behaviours in children and young people, helps adults to support the development of healthy sexuality and protect young people from harm or abuse. Sexual behaviours are not just about sex. They include any talk, touch, questions, conversations and interests which relate to sexuality and relationships. Traffic Lights ® is a framework to identify, understand and respond to sexual behaviours in young people.

This 90-minute webinar presentation will provide an introduction to the Traffic Lights ® framework and will work through scenarios to assist you to understand and respond to the sexual behaviours of children and young people.


  • To develop the knowledge and skills to identify, understand and respond to sexual behaviours of children and young people

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify characteristics of healthy sexual development in young people
  • Identify characteristics of concerning and harmful sexual behaviours in young people
  • Identify indicators of child sexual abuse

This webinar presentation is suitable for anyone who works with young people.

How to Register

Visit for more information and to register.This event will be facilitated by True Relationships and Reproductive Health ( After registering through Eventbrite, attendees will then receive an email (approximately three days before the event) outlining the login information for the webinar.

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