Books - About Reproduction

The sex education answer book

Topics: sex education, puberty, reproduction, gender diversity, sexual diversity, contraception, romantic relationships, intimate relationships, bodies, consent, pornography, sex education.


Age appropriate answers to all of the tough questions children ask parents about sex. Set out in ages 3 - 14.

Age: Parents and teachers of 3 to 14 year olds

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Let's talk about where babies come from

Topics: sex education, conception, reproduction, families, bodies.


Comics and cartoons outlining:  similarities and differences between girls and boys, growing up, reproductive organs, how babies are made, what sex is, what is love, same sex attraction, conception, pregnancy, different types of birth, genetics (e.g. hair colour), different kinds of families, keeping safe (consensual touch), HIV (but not other STI/BBVs). A book that parents/teachers can read to younger children, or older children can read themselves. 

Book review by Cath Hak 4min 36sec.

Age: 7 to 11 years.

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Let's talk about the birds and the bees

Topics: puberty, protective behaviours, reproduction.


Cartoon illustrated book for parents to read to children about differences between male and female reproductive systems, private body parts, sexual intercourse, love, puberty, what touching is ok/not ok, families. Simple facts as a starting point for conversations. 

Book review by Cath Hak 6min (external link)

Age: Parents and teachers of 4 to 11 year olds.

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Topics: changes, families, new baby.


When Joseph's mother comes home, says his father, things are going to change. And so they do, in the most extraordinary ways. This book explores the changes to Joseph's life when his parents bring home his baby sister.

Ages: 4 to 11 years.

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