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Keeping children, young people and vulnerable people safe is a whole community approach. PB West teach strategies to professionals, individuals, families and communities to Recognise, Act and Respond to feeling unsafe. PB West works with you, your community, or your organisation to develop a culturally safe and appropriate program to suit your unique requirements for the safety of your children, young and vulnerable people.

PB West is recognised by and aligns with Protective Behaviours Australia and the international training bodies of Protective Behaviours International and the Protective Behaviours Association (United Kingdom).

Services include:

  • professional education and development

  • education and awareness (working with communities, including parents)

  • work with students (early years, primary and high school)

  • children/family individual sessions

  • resources to assist in teaching protective behaviours

  • specialised programs

Length and cost of professional development offerings and other services vary.

Some professional development services are offered several times per year, others can be specifically booked. PB West can also deliver bespoke training to meet specific needs. 

Topics include:

  • Protective behaviours (including Protective Behaviours Practitioner and Advanced PB Practitioner training)

  • Child Protection 

  • Managing vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and self-care

  • Mental health first-aid

  • Understanding, recognising and responding to harmful sexualised behaviours

  • Online safety for parents and families

A services guide with more information and pricing can be downloaded from the PB West website. 

Visit the PB West website for more information 


PB West offer services in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Western Australia, all over Australia and internationally.

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