Students use the Laugh and learn video and a decision mapping process to explore situations where people might be asked to send a sext. Emotional, social, ethical and legal consequences of sending or not sending a sext are unpacked. Recent WA image-based abuse laws and where to go for help are also covered.

GDHR Topics
Staying Safe Emotional Wellbeing Respectful Relationships

Short activities for students BEFORE they receive their HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine. These activities are a collection of activities and resources for you to choose from - they do not need to be delivered in this order and some activities cover the same content. 

GDHR Topics
Staying Safe Health Literacy

Students watch Kaiyai Girl, an interactive DVD about an Aboriginal girl, Missy, who is faced with many choices and consequences regarding alcohol and other drugs, and sexual health. Students discuss the options and make informed choices to help Missy stay as safe and as healthy as possible.

GDHR Topics
Staying Safe