Staying Safe


Learning activities in the Staying Safe category will provide students with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves, and others, from harm caused by unsafe behaviours or situations.

In relation to GDHR and staying safe, learning activities may focus on one or more of the following: Protective behaviours; risk and responsibilities; STIs and BBVs (treatments, screenings); negotiating consent; condoms; check-ups/doctors/screenings; contraception; online safety; sexting; abuse and assault; treatments; managing risk; and intoxicated sex and risky behaviour (as affected by alcohol and other drugs).

Importantly, the GDHR team will continue to develop partnerships with experts in the area of protective behaviours so as to provide recommendations of best practice and appropriate learning activities.

Learning Activities currently available in the Staying Safe topic area include:

  • My body inside and out (Pre-primary)

  • Online vs. face-to-face communication (Year 4)

  • Safety first (Year 5)

  • Introduction to STIs and BBVs (Year 7)

  • Issues with online communication (Year 7)

  • Choices and consequences (Year 8)

  • Cyberbullying (Year 9)

  • Sexting (Year 9)

  • Sexual consent and the law (Year 9)

  • Power to manage relationships (Year 10)

  • Sexual risk taking (Year 10)

  • Who or what will I pick up at the party? (Year 10)

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