A one term respectful relationship program consisting of 8 scaffolded sessions covering - creating a group agreement, assessing prior knowledge, difference between gender stereotypes and expectations, respectful relationship qualities, non-consensual image sharing, decision making frameworks, communication techniques, ethical bystanders and critical analysis of websites.

Each stage can be delivered in isolation but is best delivered sequentially.

Stage 2 is suggested for Year 8 or 9 but may be suitable for lower or higher year groups depending on student demographics.

GDHR Topics
Respectful Relationships Health Literacy

Students use the Laugh and learn video and a decision mapping process to explore situations where people might be asked to send a sext. Emotional, social, ethical and legal consequences of sending or not sending a sext are unpacked. Recent WA image-based abuse laws and where to go for help are also covered.

GDHR Topics
Staying Safe Emotional Wellbeing Respectful Relationships

Students develop their understanding of socially acceptable behaviours and being respectful to others and having respect for themselves by thinking through what's OK and what's not OK in a relationship.

GDHR Topics
Respectful Relationships