Respectful Relationships


Learning activities in the Respectful Relationships category will allow students to gain an understanding of the importance of valuing people who are like themselves and people who are different, and the skills to build healthy and respectful relationships.

In relation to GDHR and respectful relationships, learning activities may focus on one or more of the following: Love (being loved, being loving); how we interact with other people; how we express ourselves (to and with others); identity; pornography; online relationships (FBI, dating); affirming diversity; communication and assertiveness; types and the nature of relationships; empathy; gender and power, gender and differences; self-esteem, confidence and caring for others; building relationships; positive relationships; sex-positive approaches; and readiness.

Learning Activities currently available in the Respectful Relationships topic area include:

  • Tricks for making friends (Pre-primary)

  • Appreciating friendships (Year 1)

  • Families may change (Year 1)

  • Good playing skills (Year 2)

  • Managing family change (Year 2)

  • Reading emotions in others (Year 2)

  • Dealing with disagreements (Year 3)

  • Understanding discrimination (Year 3)

  • How to help someone being bullied (Year 3)

  • Building good relationships (Year 4)

  • Online vs. face-to-face communication (Year 4)

  • Changes in relationships (Year 5)

  • Understanding influences on behaviour (Year 5)

  • Peer influence (Year 6)

  • Qualities of respectful relationships (Year 7)

  • What's OK and what's not OK (Year 8)

  • Ready vs. not ready (Year 9)

  • Power to manage relationships (Year 10)

  • Positive vs. negative relationships (Year 10)

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