Content with Year Level Year 9 .



Students use the graffiti wall strategy and the Laugh and learn to develop an understanding of what porn is, how people may come across porn, why people access porn and its possible harms. Strategies for dealing with unwanted exposure to porn are also discussed. 

GDHR Topics
Respectful Relationships Health Literacy

Students complete a T/F pre-quiz on BBVs. The Laugh and learn video stimulus and websites (provided) are used to research how BBVs can be transmitted and prevented. Findings are reported via a choice of radio advert/instagram post/whole class display.

GDHR Topics
Staying Safe Health Literacy

Assessment task based on Laugh and learn video - condoms.

Students research and develop quiz questions for young people about safer sex. The questions are combined to create a class quiz for students to complete.


To assess students’ knowledge and understanding of condom use to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

To reinforce and extend students’ help seeking and research skills in using technology to find credible, reliable and valid websites for accurate health information.

Type of assessment: Summative.

Assessment strategy: Writing and answering quiz questions.

Evidence to be collected: Five researched quiz questions with references. Score out of 25 for class quiz.

Suggested time: Two x 45 min lessons - one for research and compiltion of quiz questions and one for taking the quiz.

GDHR Topics
Staying Safe Health Literacy