Health Literacy


Learning activities in the Health Literacy category will give students the ability to understand and critically analyse sexual health and relationships information online and in the media, and the skills to determine the credibility of health information.

In relation to GDHR and health literacy learning activities may include a focus on one or more of the following: community services/agencies (where can students access information and also develop an understanding of the efficacy and the credibility of the health support resource); efficacy in understanding health messages; understanding the information available about sexual health and relationships; and the media (in the context of the medium of and influence of media more broadly).

Health literacy is an important aspect in educating students about how they can gain access to health information and related services about healthy relationships and sexuality. Developing the skills to adopt a critical inquiry approach is needed so that students have a better understanding of how this information applies to them and how they can use it in a meaningful way.

Learning Activities currently available in the Health Literacy topic area include:

  • Families may change (Year 1)

  • Managing family change (Year 2)

  • Messages about body image (Year 4)

  • Analysing health related websites and apps (Year 6)

  • Puberty kits (Year 6)

  • Introduction to STIs and BBVs (Year 7)

  • Issues with online communication (Year 7)

  • Dealing with challenging times (Year 8)

  • Health campaigns - what works? (Year 10)

  • Influence of the media (Year 10)

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