Growing Bodies


Learning activities in the Growing Bodies category will inform students about their body parts, and the skills and confidence to manage the physical, mental and emotional changes that occur as they grow.

In relation to GDHR and growing bodies, learning activities may focus on one or more of the following: Anatomy and physiology; puberty and adolescence; reproduction and pregnancy; and behaviour, feelings and identification.

Learning Activities currently available in the Growing Bodies topic area include:

  • Different bodies (Pre-primary)

  • Public vs. private bodies (Pre-primary)

  • My body inside and out (Pre-primary)

  • My milestones (Year 1)

  • Messages about body image (Year 4)

  • Reproductive systems (Year 5)

  • Puberty kits (Year 6)

  • Menstruation and conception (Year 7)

  • Pregnancy and birth (Year 8)

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