Emotional Wellbeing


Learning activities in the Emotional Wellbeing topic will give students the skills to develop a positive self-identity the ability to interact with others in a healthy and respectful way.

In relation to GDHR and emotional wellbeing, learning activities may focus on one or more of the following: Body image; self-esteem; identity/behaviours/orientation or FBI; self-esteem, resilience, confidence; peer influence; feelings; recognising and developing feelings; self-concept/self-identity (Who am I ?); affirming diversity; cooperation; self-care; identity; communication (skills, goal-setting); mental health and wellbeing; readiness; bullying; conflict (resolution); and change (recognising and coping with change).

Learning Activities currently available in the Emotional Wellbeing topic area include:

  • I am strong (Pre-primary)

  • Feelings about feelings (Pre-primary)

  • Coping strategies (Year 1)

  • Identifying personal strengths (Year 1)

  • Our own firsts: Personal achievements (Year 2)

  • We are all different (Year 2)

  • How to help someone being bullied (Year 3)

  • My life from birth to now (Year 3)

  • Resilience (Year 3)

  • Responding to challenging situations (Year 4)

  • Self-protecting against bullying (Year 4)

  • Strategies to manage change (Year 4)

  • Managing emotions (Year 4)

  • Managing change and transition (Year 6)

  • Pregnancy and birth (Year 8)

  • Dealing with challenging times (Year 8)

  • Body image (Year 9)

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