An independent Impact Evaluation of Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) was undertaken by John Scougall Consulting Services in 2016 with the support of an expert cross-agency reference group.


The impact evaluation had two objectives: to assess how well the GDHR online curriculum resource is working; and to identify how it might be strengthened.

Four key areas of interest to the evaluation were identified and are summarised in the Executive Summary:

  1. Stakeholder perceptions of the resource;
  2. How GDHR adds value to RSE;
  3. Possible ways of improving the resource; and
  4. Aspirations for the future of the resource.

Multiple information sources and methodologies were used to inform the study to collect data and reach the findings; a literature review of best practice, a desktop analysis of relevant documents and reports, an on-line survey of teachers, qualitative interviews with website users, a program logic workshop and two case studies.

The final Impact Evaluation Report and other related documents are made available to read online; and an Implementation Plan is being prepared outlining how and when the recommendations listed below will be acted upon

The eleven recommendations made are:

1. Make a clear statement of GDHR purpose
2. Better measure usage of the GDHR resource by target users
3. Extend quality control processes
4. Enhance the website
5. Marketing and promotion
6. Professional development
7. Governance
8. Partnership
9. Position GDHR in a broader policy context
10. Extend the portal
11. Promote good practice RSE