An independent Impact Evaluation of Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) was undertaken by John Scougall Consulting Services in 2016 with the support of an expert cross-agency reference group.

The impact evaluation had two objectives: to assess how well the GDHR online curriculum resource is working; and to identify how it might be strengthened.

Four key areas of interest to the evaluation were identified and are summarised in the Executive Summary:

  1. Stakeholder perceptions of the resource;
  2. How GDHR adds value to RSE;
  3. Possible ways of improving the resource; and
  4. Aspirations for the future of the resource.

Multiple information sources and methodologies were used to inform the study to collect data and reach the findings; a literature review of best practice, a desktop analysis of relevant documents and reports, an on-line survey of teachers, qualitative interviews with website users, a program logic workshop and two case studies.

The final Impact Evaluation Report and other related documents are made available to read online; and an Implementation Plan is being prepared outlining how and when the recommendations listed below will be acted upon

The eleven recommendations made are:

Make a Clear Statement of GDHR Purpose
Better Measure Usage of the GDHR Resource by Target Users
Extend Quality Control Processes
Enhance the Website
Marketing and Promotion
Professional Development
Position GDHR in a Broader Policy Context
Extend the Portal
Promote Good Practice RSE