Teaching strategies

Teaching strategies

The strategies described in this site represent well-recognised and effective teaching practices that promote critical and reflective thinking, research, evaluation and collaborative learning and focus on literacy. The strategies have been designed to accommodate differences in learning styles and reflect contemporary learning theory including Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory and the revised Bloom's Taxonomy.

The classroom strategies have been further divided according to the basic elements of an inquiry process. These elements are also fundamental to the decision making processes in the Health and Physical Education strand: Personal, social and community health. This strategies section focus' on the following:

  • Tuning in: The strategies can be used to determine students' current knowledge, skills and attitudes prior to planning a program. They will engage and focus students in the learning experiences and content.
  • Finding out: The strategies encourage investigation and independent learning about key health and safety concepts.
  • Sorting out: The strategies encourage the analysis, organisation, review and reflection of information.
  • Developing values: The strategies allow students to identify, discuss and develop positive attitudes towards safer and healthier lifestyles.
  • Making decisions: The strategies provide opportunities for students to develop decision-making skills to enable them to make safer and healthier choices.
  • Speaking out: The strategies provide opportunities for students to develop the communication and negotiation skills required for safer healthier lifestyles.
  • Reflecting: The strategies allow students to identify, discuss and consider the changes in their understandings, attitudes and values.


A special thank you to the School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) Program for permitting the use of these strategies which have been adapted from the Challenges and Choices resource.

Government of Western Australia (2007). Challenges and choices. School Drug Education and Road Aware, Western Australia