null When is the right age to be in a sexual relationship?

When is the right age to be in a sexual relationship?

There is no legal age defining when someone is able to have a relationship, however if a young person is thinking of having a sexual relationship, or a relationship with sexual activities, there are important legal factors to consider.

In Western Australia, the legal age for sexual intercourse is 16 years and older. This applies to males and females and is regardless of sexual orientation. Legal sex also means those involved must always give consent - given without coercion, force, pressure or being under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. A person over 16 years is legally viewed as being able to give consent and able to have a sexual partner of the same age or older.

The following questions are aimed to assist a young person to determine if they are ready for a relationship and/or a sexual relationship:

  • Do we trust each other?

  • Do we respect each other?

  • Do they like me for who I am?

  • Do I feel comfortable in what I'm about to do?

  • Will we respect each other's privacy by not telling our friends/mates?

  • Have we planned how to keep safe by using condoms and contraception?

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