null What if a student discloses abuse?

What if a student discloses abuse?

Everyone working in schools is responsible for the care and protection of children and the reporting of concerns about child protection. The Department of Education’s Child Protection Policy explains the actions to be taken by staff to protect children in circumstances where abuse is suspected or when allegations of child abuse are made.

How to make a report
Once a disclosure of sexual abuse is made or suspicion is strong, school personnel must make a report to the Department for Child Protection and Family Support’s Mandatory Reporting Service.

A verbal report can be made, but this must be followed by a written report as soon as is practicable, preferably within 24 hours. 

Once a report is made, the Mandatory Reporting Service will:

  • acknowledge receipt of the report

  • provide the Western Australian Police with a copy of every written report

  • make enquiries and an assessment to take the necessary action

  • assist the Western Australian Police, who may undertake a separate investigation.