Sex and the media - body image

Year level: 9 or 10


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Learning activities

Think-pair-share: What are gender stereotypes?

  1. laugh Ask students to use the Think-pair-share strategy to:
  2. "THINK for 20 seconds about...

     What is your definition of gender stereotypes?

    PAIR: Turn to the person sitting next to you and discuss your thoughts of the definition of 'gender stereotypes' for 1 minute.

    SHARE: The definition we are going to use is:

    Gender stereotypes are oversimplified ideas, messages and images about differences between males and females. They have become meaningful because society has given them meaning and value. Gender stereotypes make generalisations, assumptions and judgements about a person’s personality, behaviour, appearance, skills and interests. (Our WATCh

    Stereotyped ideas about female and male qualities can be damaging because they limit our potential to develop the full range of possible human capacities. (RELATE 3, SHQ, 2016)

    See PowerPoint Slide 1


Laugh and learn video: Sex and the media

  1. Watch Laugh and learn: Sex and the media (3min 25sec).

  2. laugh Say:

"You have probably learnt about gender stereotypes in previous years. Gender stereotypes, as will all stereotypes, limit people's opportunities in life. We now have governments, organisations and companies working to challenge these ideas and working to change our values, beliefs and behaviours about gender stereotypes. We are going to be looking at some articles and videos about the latest information and strategies that are being