null How would a person know if they are gay?

How would a person know if they are gay?

It can take some time for young people to work out whom they are and who they are sexually attracted to, including if their orientation is towards same sex attraction. The key is for the individual to feel comfortable and to take the time to come to terms with their own feelings about personal sexual identity, regardless of what others think and say about them.

Adults can sometimes say that they still haven’t worked out who they are. Identities commonly change as new things are experienced, there is no rush. Working out your sexual orientation may be an ongoing process throughout a person’s life.

If a young person thinks they know that they are same sex attracted, they might consider approaching the subject with a trusted friend or family member with whom they feel comfortable. Gaining help and support can assist through the process of telling others if that is what they decide to do. If there is no one they feel comfortable to talk to, there are services in WA such as the Freedom Centre which offer telephone support and counselling.