null Could I get pregnant straight after my period?

Could I get pregnant straight after my period?

Pregnancy is less likely if sexual intercourse happens immediately after the end of a period, however it is possible.

The best way to avoid an unintended pregnancy is to use contraception. A condom is the only form of contraception that will also help prevent sexually transmitted infections. 

Additional information:

The ovaries usually release an ovum (egg) about 14 days before a period is due. A pregnancy is most likely to happen when penis-in-vagina sex happens around ovulation. However, penis-in-vagina sex at other times in the menstrual cycle can still result in pregnancy. Some people may have a short menstrual cycle or have a cycle that varies in length which can make the time of ovulation difficult to predict. Even within a regular cycle, the times of ovulation may vary. Sperm can stay alive (in the cervix) for up to 5 days after sex.


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