Assessment task: Safer sex quiz questions

Time to complete Assessment task: Safer sex quiz questions: 45 min + 45 min

Year level: 9 or 10


Assessment task based on Laugh and learn video - condoms.

Students research and develop quiz questions for young people about safer sex. The questions are combined to create a class quiz for students to complete.


To assess students’ knowledge and understanding of condom use to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

To reinforce and extend students’ help seeking and research skills in using technology to find credible, reliable and valid websites for accurate health information.

Type of assessment: Summative.

Assessment strategy: Writing and answering quiz questions.

Evidence to be collected: Five researched quiz questions with references. Score out of 25 for class quiz.

Suggested time: Two x 45 min lessons - one for research and compiltion of quiz questions and one for taking the quiz.

Learning focus

Year 9

  • Skills to deal with challenging or unsafe situations: refusal skills; initiating contingency plans; expressing thoughts, opinions, beliefs; acting assertively (ACPPS090).

  • Characteristics of respectful relationships: respecting the rights and responsibilities of individuals in the relationship; respect for personal differences and opinions; empathy (ACCPS093).

Year 10

  • Skills and strategies to manage situations where risk is encouraged by others (ACPPS091).

  • External influences on sexuality and sexual health behaviours, including the impact decisions and actions have on their own and others' health and wellbeing (ACPPS092).

  • Skills and strategies to promote respectful relationships, such as: appropriate emotional responses in a variety of situations; taking action if a relationship is not respectful (ACCPS093)

Key understandings

Prior to completing this assessment task, students require:

  • prior knowledge and understanding of safer sex practices including condom use to prevent STIs and pregnancy (Safer sex - condoms)

  • experience working in small groups

  • website research skills.


  • Student activity sheet: Safer sex quiz questions_student instructions (display on board and/or 1 copy for each pair of students)
  • Student activity sheet: Safer sex quiz questions_student assessment task (1 copy for each pair of students - electronic or hardcopy)

  • Teacher resource sheet: Safer sex quiz questions_marking key (display on board and/or 1 copy per student)

  • Online access for research (bookmark approved websites)

  • Compiled class quiz for session 2 - paper or electronic version

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Related items

Teaching resource (download)

Learning activities

Before you start

  • Allow two lessons for the completion of this assessment task.

  • Review these websites before providing to students for research. (WA Department of Health) (WA Department of Health) (Queensland Health) (headspace)

Session 1: Creating quiz questions

Time to complete Session 1: Creating quiz questions: 45 min

  1. Divide the class into pairs. Allocate each pair 'Pregnancy/Contraception' or 'STIs' as topics to research.

  2. laugh Explain to students:

"You have been given a topic of either 'Pregnancy/Contraception' or 'STIs'. With your partner, use the following websites to research and write five questions and answers that are suitable to ask your class to test their knowledge: 

With your partner, write:

  • 1 true or false question

  • 1 multiple choice question

  • 1 definition question

  • 1 short answer question

  • 1 description question"

yes Teaching tip: Electronic surveys can be created on programs such as SurveyMonkey or Mentimeter.

  1. Display Student activity sheet: Safer sex quiz questions_student instructions and/or provide students with a copy. Explain each of the questions types.

  2. Display Safer sex quiz questions_student assessment task and give each pair of students a copy.

  3. laugh Explain:

"When writing your answers:

  • give detailed evidence to support each answer

  • reference each answer with the website you used

  • you must use a minimum of three of the websites listed

  • complete the activity sheet including the critical analysis and refection questions."

  1. Display the Safer sex quiz questions_marking key or provide a copy to each student. Discuss the mark allocations so that students are aware of what is required to be successful in this assessment task.

  2. Allow time for students to complete the activity sheets and collect at the end of lesson.

Session 2: Class quiz

Time to complete Session 2: Class quiz: 45 min

  1. Prior to next session, choose 25 of the students' questions to compile a class quiz. The quiz can be asked orally with students writing answers, or as a written quiz on paper or electronically on programs such as SurveyMonkey or Mentimeter.

yes Teaching tip: consider differentiation for students with lower literacy levels. Quiz questions may have picture prompts or the questions recorded to be read aloud. The quiz could be conducted in pairs or groups.

  1. Conduct the class quiz as an assessment of the student's learning. 

  2. Provide the answers and explanations upon completion. 



Health promoting schools strategy

Backgroud teacher note: Health promoting schools framework.

Partnerships with parents and school staff

  • Add the safer sex quiz questions to your school website/newsletters and encourage parents and other staff to take the quiz to test their knowledge. 

  • Use the quiz questions in a parent workshop.