29 March 2019 - Impact of Pornography Workshop

29 March 2019 - Impact of Pornography Workshop



WA Child Safety Services



Tuesday 29 March 2019


9am - 1pm




Wanslea Family Services

311 Abernethy Road

Cloverdale, WA 6105

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Children's exposure to pornography is becoming a globally recognised public health crisis.

While pornography is not new, the nature and accessibility of today's pornography has changed. There is a growing body of research showing that pornography is harming our children.

The internet has transformed the way in which pornography is accessed. Today’s pornography is violent, graphic and often portrays distorted gender roles. Children and young people with access to the internet on any device - at home, at a friend’s place, at school or in any of our community spaces with Wi-Fi - are at risk of exposure.

Experts across the globe agree that exposure to pornography is a public health crisis. It is believed that pornography exposure is contributing to the staggering statistic that approximately 30% to 60% of child sexual abuse is committed by children and young people.

We encourage educators, professionals and parents to have age-appropriate conversations about pornography (private pictures or private videos) with children and young people. We understand that talking about pornography can be challenging and it can be difficult to know where to start.

This workshop will provide up-to-date information, practical strategies and conversation starters to help you talk to children and young people about the reality of pornography.

Certificate of Attendance for Continuing Professional Development will be provided.

**Morning tea will be provided**


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